Virtual Author Visits

One of my favorite activities is meeting young readers on author visits. I live outside of the U.S.A., but you can meet me virtually via Zoom/Skype. On a virtual visit we read a book together and discuss it. I draw for the children and teach them how to draw a character from the book, and I answer their questions. Here are two programs I offer, but there are other options too. Contact me and we’ll come up with the perfect plan for your group.

Let’s Play With Papers!For K-3rd grade

We read PENNY AND THE PLAIN PIECE OF PAPER and continue to a fun hands-on creative workshop where we play with different types of paper, and create a collage, inspired by the story.

Let’s Create Scribbles! For 2nd grade

We read the story SCRIBBLE & AUTHOR,and do a hands-on workshop in which we learn how to draw the character of Scribble from the story, and then how to draw a new character (a friend for Scribble) using our imagination and creativity.