Miri Leshem-Pelly

A Feather, a Pebble, a Shell

Kar-Ben Publishing

A FEATHER, A PEBBLE, A SHELL follows a girl’s hikes through the diverse nature sites of Israel from rivers and forests in the north to dry deserts in the south. Whenever she runs in a field, climbs up a hill or swims in the sea, she looks for something small to hold in her hand. It’s an informational fiction picture book about curiosity and connection to nature, about little wonders of nature that children love to discover, and about the beautiful, rich and diverse landscapes and wildlife that Israel has to offer.

Alongside the lyrical text and breathtaking watercolor art, you’ll learn fun facts about each natural item the girl discovers and a fascinating back matter that reveals what makes Israel one of the most naturally diverse countries in the world.

Chloe’s Nature Journal

Creston Books

Blueberry Honor Award Winner.

When her teacher assigns the class to start a nature journal, Chloe can’t find any animals to sketch. Will she end up with a blank notebook?

Chloe’s Nature Journal (ages 7-12) will inspire young readers to start their own nature journals and discover the small eco-systems at their doorstep.

“Okay, folks. You want a hand-on early chapter book about a girl getting up close and personal with nature itself? This is burgeoning scientist matter at its best…” Betsy Bird, School Library Journal

Penny And The Plain Piece Of Paper

Philomel/Penguin Random House

Penny Lives on a plain piece of paper, with just one problem- she’s bored. There’s nothing to do, no one to talk to, not a single way to keep herself entertained! And so Penny makes a decision: it’s high time she ventured out into the world and explored other types of paper.

In this fun and funny book about fitting in and finding a home, imagination wins the day.

“Penny’s journey through varying visual styles is bright, fascinating, and funny . . . Irresistibly touchable.” —Kirkus Reviews, *STARRED REVIEW*. Read the full review…

Scribble & Author

Kane Miller Books

Scribble & Author is written as a dialogue between the main character, Scribble, and the author who created her. Scribble’s journey starts on a peaceful shore called THE BEGINNING. continues through the rough, adventurous MIDDLE, and leads finally to THE ENDING, which is not at all what Scribble expected…

“An unseen author guides a scribble through the elements of story creation…Vivid, offbeat, and instructive.” – Read the full review…

“So, so clever is this story! This is a terrific way to introduce young readers to how narratives work. So many teaching possibilities with this wonderful book!” – Read the full review…

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