Scribble & Author Presentations

One of my favorite activities as an author is meeting young readers on school visits.

I live outside of the U.S.A., but you can “meet” me via Skype. On a Skype visit, children get to take a look at my creative space, where all my books and illustrations are created.

We read the book SCRIBBLE & AUTHOR together and then discuss it.
I draw for the children and answer their questions.

Here are two programs I do centered around the book Scribble & Author:

Let’s Create Scribbles! For K-2nd grade

In this program we do a “hands-on” workshop in which we learn how to draw the character of Scribble, from Scribble & Author, and then how to draw a new character (a friend for Scribble) using our imagination and creativity.

Let’s Write Stories! For 2nd – 4th grade

In this program, we read the story Scribble & Author, and learn to use it as a guide for writing a story. We discuss various elements that appear in this story, such as the monster, the River of Questions, the Mountain of Challenge, and more. In this program, children come up with ideas for their own stories and characters.